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It has become a maxim in Internet marketing, that in order to promote an item successfully, you have to present your goods to a targeted readership at least seven times.
It seems that Interest marketing research has revealed that the average Internet customer has to have seen an ad seven times before he/she is prepared to buy. This refers to targeted customers, people who have shown an interest in the sort of item that is being promoted, not just any item to any person. It has to do with overcoming the person’s natural reluctance to part with their money and their distrust of Internet marketers in general.
Once a vendor is aware of this nugget of information, the problem is how to implement such a sustained advertising campaign.
You could put a reminder in your desk diary to send out the same Tweet every day for a week. That would be one way, but the tendency is to miss a day here and there. Besides, if you have an international Twitter following, your Tweets will miss two-thirds of your potential customers. So, you need to send that Tweet three times a day.
Naturally, this increases the chance of missing sending Tweets. All of a sudden, what seemed at first to be an easy, routine task becomes more difficult than you had expected.
Not only that, but it is better to have your item in slightly different adverts from time to time so that people do not become ‘blind’ to them. That is, they don’t just read the first two or three words and then skip to the next bit of information.
Therefore, now you have to have a seven-day campaign running slightly differing ads at three different times of the day.
This sounds easy, but it is the stumbling block for most advertising campaigns… that and the quality of the adverts.
It is just not as easy as it looks. If you think that we may be able to help, please follow this link
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