Iain Scott Singer Comedian

Iain Scott

Singer / Impersonator / Comedian Extraordinaire

Live at O’Brien’s, Barry

Review by Barry Boy

We don’t usually stay out late on busy nights of the week, but last Friday night we were talking to friends in O’Brien’s bar and eight p.m. came around before we realised it. I looked up when someone started to use the P.A. system to see a thirty-something young man with curly hair, dressed in black at the microphone.

I forget the name of his first number, which was accompanied with overtly gay movements and gestures. Some laughed and some did not. I was uncertain what was going on. I had never heard of the man, and in fact, had not even noticed that there was to be an act.

All I knew was that I had never seen anything like it before. I looked around and could see that most people were enjoying it. When Iain started the second song, it was obvious that he was an accomplished singer with a great voice and that the ‘gaiety’ had been part of the act.

He had confused me, because his ‘gayness’ had seemed real but borderline piss-take without being offensive or anti-gay in any way.

Iain sang a variety of songs in different styles each with its own appropriate mannerisms and attitude. The results varied from hilarious to spot-on realistic. For example, Iain looks nothing like Mick Jagger, but when he took him off, he had him down to a ‘T’ both in voice and mannerisms.

It was uncanny. Iain Scott is as good an impersonator as he is a singer.

Well, we asked the man sitting next to us what time the gig would go on until, and he said that there were usually two sets between eight and ten, so we arranged to stay that long.

However, when we left O’Brien’s at ten past ten, Iain was still doing his stuff and people were still loving it. I would go to see Iain Scott again any time, and I have no hesitation in recommending that you give him a chance too.

I have managed to find Ian’s UK telephone number, so if you would like to find out where he is currently on tour or if you would like to offer him a spot at your bar or party, give him a ring.

Having lived on the Costa del Sol for a few years, I can imagine him going down a storm with the ex-pats over there. Give him a call!

Iain Scott +44 0740749136

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