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I have always believed that if you can self-medicate using natural or home remedies it is better than going to the doctor. Of course, this approach will not suit everyone and not every occasion, but trying home remedies should always be considered an option.

It takes a certain amount of experience to be successful with home remedies though, so it is not always a good thing for the young to try unsupervised, which is why wise old women, later branded witches, normally took on the rôles in the villages of yore.

The four of us who are affected in our family of two adult Thai women, a baby Thai girl and me, a Welshman, are all sick, presumably with the same illness, although we don’t all eat the same food and the symptoms we have are not exactly the same either. The two adult women are sick in exactly the same way, and it seems as if the baby and I also share the same symptoms.

Is that because the Thai adults eat the same sort of food and have the same enzymes in their guts, whereas I, as a foreigner, and the baby, as a newcomer to this world, do not have the same make-up within us?

I find that an interesting question, I don’t know about you.

Anyway, despite the doctor’s medication, the baby is still sick, and so are the women, although they haven’t taken any remedies, whereas I, having taken my home remedies for two days am feeling better already. OK, still only 80%, but yesterday it was more like 40%.

So, what am I doing?

Well, just to upset to goody-two shoes, I am continuing with my three pints of beer a day. I can feel no evidence that it is doing any harm whatsoever, and I like it. I am also drinking two large mugs of coffee which I think probably irritates germs no end, like the alcohol. I have added a crushed lemon, the juice and the peel, to every litre of water I drink (2-5 a day) and I am eating whole cloves of garlic like peanuts, but not chewing them.

I want to add ginger to my home remedies as a drink tomorrow, but we didn’t have any today. I’ll let you know.

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