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Happy Days Are Here Again…

Happy Days
Owen Jones

Happy Days!


Happy days are here again…

Two good things happened to me yesterday, as opposed to the shed-load of bad things that I am getting used to these days.

No 1: I had a lovely email from a guy that has written to me before, called David. This is what he said:

”    I have just finished your second book An Exciting future and I would say that it is a very good book, like the first.
The first time (in 2008) that I came in Thailand, it was for the wedding of my best friend.
And I would say that I can see in your book what I have seen during my friend’s wedding (in Ayutthaya).

The story of Goong, inside this story of Craig and Lek is a shock.

I have seen that the book n°3 is printed, I will buy it.”

It pleases me doubly, because David is French, lives in France and finds my books easy enough to read, not that I am belittling his linguistic abilities and Goong made such an impression on him. Someone else said that tome not so long ago too. Happy days….

No. 2:  We went to a party where I boasted that my wife could still get into a full-lotus posture, which she reluctantly proved. By-standers asked what I could do, and, expecting nothing, I managed a half-lotus which shocked us all 🙂

Small things make happy days, eh?

Still, that is what life is made of, I suppose, we are not all Supermen or Superwomen, well, not every day anyway.

For most of us, just receiving a small compliment or a kindness is all we need to make the day go better.

The world would be a much better place if more of us could remember that simple fact more often in our busy, selfish lives.

And I am including myself in this. I don’t say how happy people make me half as often as I should, yet I am quick to moan about what I don’t like.

Just a thought aloud, if it did not take much to bring a smile to my face after everything recently, what could we all do to bring ‘happy days’ to someone we know?.

All the best,


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