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Growing Old Abroad

Growing Old Abroad
Growing Old Abroad

Growing Old Abroad

Old age creeps up on us, as does getting older in general. Parents regularly wonder what happened to their youth, and older people wonder why they hadn’t noticed it happening to them. These are common experiences, but when you have been growing old abroad, there are other factors.

Those who are growing old abroad probably only have elderly friends. More than likely, they don’t have younger family members around them as they would, if they had stayed at home (in Britain, for example).

That can make growing old abroad pretty difficult for an ex-pat, much more so than if they had stayed at home near their family.

This is quite obvious, but it still surprises most elderly people because they didn’t see it coming. It seems as if one day, they were frolicking on the beach, or at least going out for walks every day, and the next they were house-bound or in a wheelchair and lonely.

However, it is a very depressing experience that a lot of ex-pats growing old abroad will have to come to grips with one day.

Sex Matters

It is easier for a man in some ways. He can go to the pub, but many women will not do that alone. They tend to live longer than men too, giving them longer to have to cope with ever-deepening depression.

This now very common phenomenon of ex-pats growing old abroad is one of the reasons why Neem Jones established Fuengirola Home Help Services. It is meant to provide home help and companionship to those who need it – the elderly, the infirm, the house-bound and busy parents.

If you would like to discuss your requirements completely confidentially with Neem, please go to her Facebook page and click ‘Submit Message‘, which will give you the option to phone, email or Message her.

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