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Behind The Smile – The Trilogy

Behind The Smile - The Trilogy

Behind The Smile – The Trilogy

Behind The Smile: The Trilogy


“I thoroughly enjoyed reading all 1/2/3 BTS books
even though I was getting annoyed in book 2 with
Lek’s selfish and self-centred attitude regarding
the house and her image and standing in the village, but
fell over laughing with the image of Craig staying in the
old timber shack he’d bought, and trying to get some
sleep by wearing a sack over his head to evade the
mosquitos bites.  Sorry O but  that image brings a smile
every time, mainly because I can picture it happened
to you in real life.

“Book 3 was a relief in many ways, not only was Lek finally
in control of her life financially as well as socially, but
also with Ayr her old friend coming back to the village
and backing Lek in their joint venture together, meant I could
finally sleep easy knowing that Craig would be happy and
confident in their so far very one sided life together.

“I’m sorry that the series is over for now, but, I suppose it will give me a chance to read some of your other 20-odd books!”

Best Wishes,

Rhys Jones

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