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Fuengirola Home Help Services

Fuengirola Home Help Services
Fuengirola Home Help Services

Fuengirola Home Help Services

There is a new Home Help Service in Fuengirola, called, not surprisingly, the Fuengirola Home Help Services. It is run by Neem Jones, a Thai lady who is living on the Costa del Sol with her British husband of fifteen years, the Welsh writer, Owen Jones.

“I have always had a special interest in helping those who cannot care for themselves”, she said, “People such as children, the sick, the aged and the infirm. After all, they deserve a decent life too, they just need a little help to achieve it”.

“In Thailand, it is quite normal for women of my age to take care of their parents, elderly relatives and their grandchildren”, she added, “and I would like to do the same thing here in the area where I live in Spain on the Costa del Sol”.

When asked whether not speaking Spanish might be a problem, Neem replied, “It can be, if people want it to, but I have been here a year, now and it never has been yet, although we have had a few amusing misunderstandings. That’s all right though, having a laugh is mostly what it’s all about, isn’t it? Life can be so boring when you can’t get out to meet people”.

When asked for further details about her new venture, she supplied the following information:

Neem said that she speaks Thai and English, but is learning Spanish and the services that she is offering at the moment are those to do with running a household. When pressed, she said: cooking, cleaning, laundry; baby-sitting, caring for the house-bound including taking them out; shopping, picking up the kids from school, gardening, running errands and anything else that is considered ‘normal’.

Neem explained that she didn’t want any ‘problems or misunderstandings’ with single gentlemen, so she would prefer not to work for them, unless they came recommended by an existing friend.

“It would be nice if we could set up an on line community so that the house-bound can keep in touch. In, fact, I have started doing that with a closed Facebook Group, which is attached to my business’ page on Facebook. Friends, or clients, if you like, and their friends and family will all be welcome to join and take part”.

“I live near to the border of Fuengirola with Los Boliches very near to the sea,” she added, “and since I don’t have any transport, I know that area the best… well, we have lived from Las Lagunas to where we are now, but often walk in Los Boliches, so that would be where I would like to work, but I am open to any request”, she said cheerfully.

If you want to contact Neem, you can do so through her Facebook page Fuengirola Home Help  Services, which also carries her email address and telephone number.

“I just want to bring a smile to people’s faces as I help them,” said Neem, “but I have to charge for it to be able to live here too”.

When asked what sort of clientele she was expecting, she replied: “Anyone who needs help, but I expect most of them to be retirees… retired ex-pats living or holidaying in Fuengirola and Los Boliches, but it could just as easily be a busy, working family… perhaps with children”.

Click here to contact Neem at Fuengirola Home Help Services:

Fuengirola Home Help Services

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