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Free Wi-Fi Internet Access

Free Wi-Fi Internet Access
Free Wi-Fi Internet Access

Free Wi-Fi Internet Access

I live in Northern Thailand; many of you know that already and I would like to tell you something about it, and hopefully shame my own country, if not yours. When you hear the word ‘Thailand’, what springs to mind? Buddhism and Buddhist Temples? Stunning landscapes, seascapes and beautiful beaches? Beautiful women? The omnipresent Thai smile? Sex, and erotic dancers? Paedophilia? Or free Wi-Fi Internet Access?

Certainly not free Wi-Fi Internet access, I’m sure, since Thailand is a Third World country, isn’t it?

Yes, it is in many ways, but if their military dictatorship government recognises the importance of giving the country’s citizens free Wi-Fi Internet access then, why aren’t we doing it?

When I first came to the village twelve years ago, I had to have my own satellite dish to receive the Internet. Then phone lines became available and TOT, Telephony of Thailand (?) Increased its speed to make it viable for serious use.

I jumped ship and that still costs me £12 p.m. No problem.

A few months ago, I was waiting for a bus at a terminus and was surprised to see emails streaming in. I asked someone and she said that the city gave free access to the Internet. I had never heard of that before anywhere in the world.

Anyway, in about October 2015, while sitting in our little village, I had the same experience, but outside a bus station :-).

The local authority, three miles away, has decided to open up their internet system to everyone. Tens of thousands of people now have free Wi-Fi Internet access saving them £12 a month each, and to put that into perspective, that is at least two days wages and could be four for a shop assistant.

So, if Thailand is Third World with a junta for a government, what does that say about our mob?

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by Owen

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