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Why Every Webmaster Needs PLR Content

Why Every Webmaster Needs PLR Content
Why Every Webmaster Needs PLR Content

Why Every Webmaster Needs PLR Content

Just to get one thing clear from the start, PLR stands for ‘public limited right’, and is a short way of describing an article that you have acquired, free or at a cost, which you have permission to use within certain confines. Needless to say, free PLR content is usually awful stuff written by people for whom English is not their mother tongue.

So, why do I say that every webmaster should have a pack of PLR on the hard drive? The cynical will point to the fact that I have over a hundred niche content PLR ebooks containing at least fifteen articles of five to six hundred words each, and that is true. It is the content that I wrote for websites that I took down in order to concentrate on writing novels. I used to have 144 websites.

However, every experienced webmaster will know that the gap between your last post and starting to slip down the search engine rankings is very short, and getting shorter. Depending on your niche, it can be hours. So, what happens if you are a one-man band and need a break?

A family crisis, personal illness, or a desire to go on holiday with the love of your life will wreck your SE rankings, unless you have a strategy in place. This is when I suggest that a pack or two of relevant niche PLR content can come to the rescue and save the day or even the month.

Two packs could give you a month off, say at Christmas or in the summer.

‘Be Prepared’ is the watch phrase of the wise and at $7.99 per pack, it is not going to break the bank. Call it accident or holiday insurance, if you like and write the cost off against your tax bill. It is a legitimate business expense after all.

When you don’t have time to write your own content, post one of my articles instead to protect your website’s status.

Think about it, you know it makes sense.

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