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The weather reminds me of the stories of the doldrums on the Equator… Another forty-sixer today, but forty-seven yesterday!  I forgot to report our plight. As we approach the Summer Equinox, though, we have gained an hour or daylight over not so long ago with another thirty minutes to come by June 21st.

Asian Shorts‘ received a welcome shot in the arm yesterday from an author I admire, so it is now standing at 38% full. I think that at this rate, it will be the end of May before the book is published, but I am happy with that, even if it is slower than I had hoped for.

I often find that my understanding of the word ‘quickly’ is at odds with the definition of others. Especially living in Thailand. ‘Manyana’ may be a Spanish word, but the Thais have taken it to a different level.

My wife’s, our, son and daughter ascended on us, came up from Bangkok yesterday, which was a nice surprise. For me anyway, because my wife was probably expecting them, but ‘forgot’ to inform me. I still find it comical how I am always the last to know about anything, even after all this time.

If you haven’t read any of my series called ‘Behind The Smile’, you probably won’t know what I’m talking about, but there are Amazon links on this page, if you want to find out. Click the red book, ‘Daddy’s Hobby’, to start at the beginning.

I have been trying to sort out a ‘partial drawdown’ of my pension with Friends Provident for the last two weeks and they keep fobbing me off with ‘an agent will be in touch by email’. Well, Friends Provident, or whatever you call yourselves now, not yet they bloody haven’t and I’m getting fed up with your lies.

I hope you see this, and I hope even more that you care enough about your reputation to ‘get in touch with me soon’, you tossers.

You took my premiums, and took your commission for thirty-three years, but now you are showing your true colours.

Ho, hum, doldrums!

All the best.


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