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Disappointment 19-7-2016

Disappointment 19-7-2016
Disappointment 19-7-2016

Disappointment 19-7-2016

Today my wife and I suffered the biggest disappointment for years. I was supposed to be going to the police today to obtain my residence permit, which would make it infinitely easier for my wife to remain here with me, which is obviously quite natural. However, my appointment was cancelled because my paperwork was not in order.

My appointment has been rescheduled for August 11th, but that lops three weeks off my wife’s visa, giving her only three weeks to get her residence permit. Mine was a ‘simple matter’ because I am European, but it has taken me eight weeks to get to this point of failure. My wife is Thai, so your guess is as good as mine how long that might take.

The disappointment is intense, but my wife feels it more than I do, because it could mean deportation and all the ignominy that that entails for her. It would be a tremendous loss of Face to her, and to Asians, Face is all important.


The problem came about because of a misunderstanding. Our solicitor told me that I need to prove that I have 5,200€ in the bank, with which to support myself. That was the easiest of the requirements for the permit, or so I thought. The problem was though that the solicitor meant that the money had to be in a Spanish bank, whereas mine is in the UK.

The police would not accept my evidence that I can support myself (us), so rather than a refusal (which looks bad on the record), our solicitor cancelled the meeting.

However, why was she not more specific about where the money had to be? I have a Spanish bank account and could have transferred the money easily.

Let down

She said that she thought I would know that, but I have lived in Thailand for twelve years, and paid her to do my thinking for me. It is such a bitter disappointment to lose another three weeks. My wife is certain that this is an omen for her future in Europe, especially after the UK referendum.

We had been planning going for a meal tonight to celebrate passing the first hurdle, but instead…. massive disappointment.

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