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Daisy's Chain

Daisy’s Chain: Which Cover?

Daisy's Chain
Daisy’s Chain Cover No. 1
Daisy's Chain
Daisy’s Chain Cover No. 2

Daisy’s Chain

by Owen Jones

Daisy’s Chain, my latest novel, will be released soon, but I want your opinion on which cover you prefer. I’ll give you some of the story to help you decide.

Daisy is the daughter, 22 years of age by the end of the book, of a rich exat, ex-London gangster and his Spanish wife, who live on the Costa del Sol near Marbella. Her father, John, has not been involved in any violence since the day that Daisy was born, but she got to hear of his reputation from other children at school.

When she left university, she went back to Spain to help him run his businesses there. She was anxious to impress him, and caused many problems while doing so, including death and suffering.

Daisy’s Chain is the story of her coming of age, accepting who she is and stopping trying to impress others by doing what she thinks they want her to do.

Please indicate your preference for a cover in the comments box below, or email me in ‘Contact’.

Any opinions or suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance,


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