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Chase Me, Chase Me!

Chase Me, Chase Me!
Chase Me, Chase Me!

Chase Me, Chase Me!

This is a difficult article to write because it is fraught with dangerous traps for me. You will soon see what I mean. First of all, I want to make it clear that I am not homophobic, although I am aware that saying that will make some people automatically assume that I am.

Anyway, I am not and never have been.

There are some boys playing in the street not three metres from me and a couple of friends of my age and nationality, which is sixty-year-old and European. Also straight, but I think that that is irrelevant.

The boys in question are between about fifteen and twenty. (I use the word ‘boys’ loosely, but I think that the age of adulthood is 21 here).

They are playing a game of insulting each other and then chasing each other. It is pathetic to watch. If the one being chased gets too far away, he waits for the others to catch up. They are all only wearing shorts and there is lots of laughter and hugging.

They are enjoying themselves, which is what makes it hard to write this post. I am glad that they are happy.

However, there are few things that will put old straight men off gays more than this kind of open sexual display. I told you it would sound bad, didn’t I?

However, this is a remote village in Thailand, and even married couples may not hold hands here.

It is nice to see convention being broken, but is Chase Me! The best way?

I shouldn’t think that that idea will ever cross these boys minds, but it still irritates me to watch them running after each other like infants.

Judge me as you will.

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