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Book Give-Aways

Book Give-Aways

I have always been suspicious that book give-aways are counter-productive, but I am open to learning that I am wrong, so I have decided to conduct an experiment. To that end, I have added a page to this, my busiest website, for book give-aways, although it will probably become a permanent feature of the blog.

Megan Publishing Services had an average of 90,000 page-views a month in 2015, although I don’t know much about the demographics. However, given the title of the blog, I assume that most surfers know that it must be about reading and writing before they click the hyper-link to get there.

If you are an author who would like to test whether book give-aways work in your case, please follow the link at the bottom of this page. Likewise if you are a reader wishing to take advantage of what you will find there.

(I have also added links to some free videos that have given me food for thought recently).

If you, as an author, would like to run a book give-away for a limited time only, say, the first week of the New Year, that is possible too – just pass me the dates when the give-away should be live.

For those of you who revel in statistics, I should be able to provide an insight into how many times your book was downloaded, which I don’t think I have seen any other site offering. At the end of January, I could run a short poll to find out how successful the book give-aways were, if there is enough interest.

These are the relevant links:

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