Blog Updates

This month has certainly been one for blog updates! Having closed twenty-four web sites to avoid having to update the hundreds of Amazon links on them, I now have to showcase my PLR ebooks elsewhere, and that will be on this website. In fact, I have already made a good start on the blog updates necessary.

You can find forty-odd of my ninety-nine PLR ebooks here:

The rest should be up by the middle of the week. To find out more about any PLR ebook, simply click the book cover which will take you to Amazon in a new window, where you can read the contents file.

Most of the PLR ebooks cost $7.99 for at least fifteen articles of 500-600 words. They are all targeted at niche subjects with the goal in mind of being used as content for niche web publications such as websites, newsletters, and blogs etc.

If you can’t see the use of them, look at ‘Uses for PLR’ on this website’s title bar.

Another update to this blog is the interview I carried out with the talented author Maria Mavroyenneas. She is Greek by birth, but married to an old Welsh friend of mine, so they split their time between the two countries. Maria has stories and novels in both Greek and English. You will find her interview under ‘Authors’ on the title bar above.

I have neglected the interviews recently unfortunately, so if you are a writer or other form of artist and would like to be featured on this website like Maria, please send me an email and I will send you the questionnaire to fill in as the preliminary step.

Well, that’s all for today, I have to get back to the PLR blog updates.

All the best,


PS: For those with a good memory, the drainage around our house is still not finished, but then I haven’t seen anyone working there for ages.

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