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The ins and outs…

My blog stats for last month were quite unusual, but then so, perhaps, was my own personal activity on it I will explain.

For the first time ever, that is in more than twenty years, my blog received more visitors from the UK than from the USA! For the first three weeks, up to three times more. By the fourth week, that had evened out to about 50k from each country and by the month’s end, America was just in front.

Years ago, China was always in the top five, but nowadays, it rarely ranks in the top ten. Third and fourth are Germany and The Czech Republic, which is normal, although the Czech Republic is so small compared with the other top three that it is surprising really.

Fifth and sixth are the rivals Ukraine and Russia, but again, the difference in populations is enormous. Far behind come France, Canada, Spain and Australia.

My blog is hosted in the USA, and where it is hosted has a big effect on the number of visitors and where they come from. Britain is about a fifth the size of the USA, so how could it get more visitors in three weeks? In fact, the total number of visitors was up by 10%. My content is universal, not aimed at any country.

Odd Blog Stats

Another strange fact is that AwStats reports my blog having received 135k pageviews, but Google says that there were only about 500.

Can anyone answer that one for me, please?

So, what have I been doing that could have influenced the blog statistics so much?

Well, I spent most of the month updating book pages with new covers and more relevant meta descriptions. That’s all. I suppose I changed about thirty pages, but I can’t for the life of me see why changing 30/1700 pages would have that affect on my blog stats. Can you?

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