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Biometric Data for Residency Cards

Biometric Data for Residency Cards
Biometric Data for Residency Cards

Biometric Data for Residency Cards

My wife is Thai, for those of you who don’t know me, and, since we have moved back to the UK to live, she needs a residency card (RCUK) or residency permit. These days, these cards contain biometric data such as iris scans and finger prints.

We first submitted her application for a residency card four months ago, so, for about eighteen weeks, she has had nothing to do, because the local government will not grant her the right to work without one. This is completely illegal, I might add, and contravenes the EU Directives to which the UK is a signatory. However, they don’t care about the law unless it suits them.

The government and the politicians who run it are the biggest crooks around… anyway, we all know that already, so back to the point.

On Thursday, we received a letter from the Home Office telling my wife that she should send them her biometric data within fifteen days of the date of the day that letter was posted. Well, I don’t know what that was, but the date on the letter was the third of the month, but the day we received it was the eleventh. Eight days to get a government letter 150 miles? That doesn’t sound right, does it? She had seven days to complete the task with a weekend in that. That sounds like them trying their damnedest to obfuscate to me.

Anyway, so we caught the bus to the nearest facility – the Post Office fifteen miles away – and asked for the biometric data service.

‘Oh, it’s down today, please come back on Monday. Sorry. Next!’

I wouldn’t move!

I complained to everyone around me and made a total nuisance of myself until the manager came.

‘I’m sorry, Sir’, she said, ‘but the engineer can’t get here for four hours. You may wait over there, if you like’.

I went into overdrive.

The result was that she rebooted the machine and it took my wife’s biometric data!

I thanked them and left, not sure whether to be happy that we had gotten the job done, or whether to be really sad that our once great Royal Post Office – the role model for all the others in the world – has sunken so low.

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