Visitors from Belize

Hello Dear Readers,

Welcome to my new Belize visitors!

I have never noticed a lot of Belize visitors to this blog before. In fact, I can’t remember ever having seen any reference to Belize in my logs before.

However, in the first twelve days of October, people from Belize have become my third most active readers after Americans and the British!

The stats for the first twelve days are as follows:

01] United States us 21,581

02] Great Britain gb 6,066

03] Belize bz 2,995

04] Germany de 2,538

05] Slovak Republic sk 2,041

06] France fr 1,299

07] Russian Federation ru 853

08] Ukraine ua 784

09] Spain es 754

10] Thailand th 252

Normally, Spain is number three.

Strange behaviour, but you are welcome, my new Belize visitors, keep it up!