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Bangkok Red Light District

Bangkok’s Red Light District

Bangkok's Red Light District
Bangkok’s Red Light District

Bangkok’s Red Light District

The Nana area of Bangkok is widely regarded as the centre of Bangkok’s Red Light District by millions of tourists from all over the world, although the police refuses to admit that such a thing exists anywhere in Thailand because it is against the law.

The thousands, nay, tens of thousands of young women (mostly) and (some) men in Bangkok, Pattaya and all the other tourist resorts are only working bars, according to the authorities.

Anyway, that aside, Nana is teeming with girls working the bars.

Soi Nana

That is great, that’s why people come here, because if you don’t want that, there are other districts where, let’s say, the nightlife is far less obtrusive. Khao San Road is great for shopping for goods, Soi Nana is far less so.

Khan San Road is very competitive, but Nana seems well-organized. From one end of the street to the other, no matter what is on sale, the prices seem pretty homogeneous.

80-90 Baht for a small beer Chang during Happy Hour, 100-120 afterwards.

The same goes for the food, although I hope that the quality is better than in our hotel. My wife says that she hasn’t found a decent Thai restaurant yet, but she is a very good cook and quite critical, although she wouldn’t dream of voicing her complaints to the management, which is typically Thai.

Bangkok’s Red Light District

You may think that the beer prices are cheap enough for one of the busiest places in the nation’s capital, but twelve years ago, when I first came here, the difference between UK and Thai prices was so vast, that I could never imagine them ever being remotely similar, but guess what? They are now.

Not hotel, travel and Thai food prices, but all the things that Westerners want, has shot up to all but parity.

This reduces Thailand’s attraction for many, but certainly not for all. If your reason for taking a holiday here is to enjoy the stunning scenery, taste Thai food as it should be and meet some amazing people, it is still a great place to come.

Nightlife, and its seamier side, is probably cheaper elsewhere now though, especially with the strong Baht.

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