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Ban Koy, Laos

Ban Koy, Laos
Ban Koy, Laos

Ban Koy, Laos

Yesterday, I told you about my opinion of Laos and how we got to the hotel we were going to stay at on my visa run to Laos. As I said, we normally stay in the capital, but this time we didn’t need to travel that far, so I picked a hotel at random off Google Earth. It was at Ban Koy, not far from the Thai -Laos Friendship Bridge in the North.

We presented ourselves at reception and the man in charge had obviously never seen an Agoda Internet receipt before. He held it upside down for a few seconds before realising his mistake, then he smiled, called someone and told us to follow the guy by pointing at him as he walked away.

Our chalet, it was a resort, not a hotel, despite its catch-all name of ‘Resort-Hotel’, but that was not a problem. There was a disco, two restaurants, a Karaoke bar a pool, which I never found, and something else, which we never identified.

Anyway, our chalet was large enough and clean, so what more can you want?

It appeared that we were the only guests, as we saw no-one else all day long. At nine o’clock, my wife wanted to go to bed, so I took a beer home and sat outside our chalet alone writing.

At ten o’clock, about thirty beautiful girls in short skirts came out of a door opposite me; they were between 18 and 22 years of age and in a great mood. I didn’t see where they went, but it was on the complex. An hour later, there were more women and about a hundred men milling about metres from me and music started up.

It was loud.

Lights went on and off in the chalets that had been empty all day, and sometimes, four or five girls followed a man inside. However, I don’t think that they were single parents on holiday with their daughters daughters.

We were staying at a short-term sex holiday resort, which was straight out of Benny Hill or the Carry On films!

The following morning, when we went for breakfast at eight thirty, the place was deserted again.

I’d go back, but I don’t think the missus would.

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