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How To Deal With Backache


How To Deal With Backache
How To Deal With Backache


I have had a return of backache these last couple of days, which is a nuisance, but I can’t complain as this is the first time I’ve had it for four months. Difelene always does the trick for me. Three days of one tablet a day, and the pain seems to realise that it’s not hurting me any more and goes away, although I don’t know how to say that in medical terms.

However, it is true, if I can prevent the pain from getting to me for a few days, the backache just goes away. My particular form of backache allows me to sit at my desk for hours and work,, but I find it difficult to walk, bend or stoop I used to get it combined with sciatica down my left leg, but massage seems to have cured that permanently four years ago.

However, the massage that cured my sciatica, and which allowed me to walk again after six months of very painful backache back then, was not the kind delivered by a dusky, beautiful, scantily-clad young Thai woman. The only similarities were that she was a female Thai. She was about sixty and probably a part-time weight-lifter.

She would only treat me once a week for two hours and I hurt more for two hours after she left than I did before she arrived, but all over. I was usually so exhausted that I slept immediately afterwards. However, once that initial pain was gone, my backache was always much better and remained so until her next visit.

She would hurt me and didn’t mind doing it, because she knew that she would first allow me to walk again and then cure my backache, which she did in five weeks, four years ago. Perhaps, I should have kept up the anti backache sessions – I think now that I should have.

I will have to ask my wife to give the ‘backache woman’ a ring, I am told she teaches ‘Northern Thai Massage’ – a particularly violent form – at Sukhotai University.

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