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As some of you will know, I tried to fulfil my twelve-year-old promise to my wife during the summer and move us to Europe to live. We were both looking forward to it, and I was sure that I had done enough research to make it work. However, when we arrived, I sought the advice of a few expats and hired a solicitor to help me obtain my residency permit. As a member of an EU country, I am entitled to one, so long as I show that I can support myself. When that has been granted, my wife is allowed to live with me, again, so long as we can support ourselves.

The solicitor agreed and we set the wheels in motion. I was advised that it would take three or four weeks. My interview was scheduled for six weeks later. However, the day before it, it was realised that my paperwork was not in order. The next appointment was for a month later. That went the same way. We now had ten days to get both our permits. I got mine a week before my wife had to leave, so we left together.

We are now back in our Thai village, back at square one like in a real life game of Snakes and Ladders – a very costly one. My wife took the who affair personally and it has made her ill. The problem, said the solicitor was that our marriage had not been validated.

However, a couple doesn’t have to be married! Partnerships have the same rights as married couples, so there was absolutely no need at all to have to leave. Now, though we have to wait three months in order to reapply. We are both as sick as dogs about how this has turned out, but I have not had to see a doctor, my wife has.

Does anyone have any advice on the matter? (Only serious replies, please, I’m not in the mood).

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