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Seth Quillet

Seth Quillet
Seth Quillet – Author

Seth Quillet

1 Name: Seth Quillet

2 Country: USA

3 Do you prefer to read a particular genre?

Teen Targeted. Hey, it’s what I grew up with and still enjoy it. Also love Tom Clancy/J.D. Robb and too many others.

4 Do you write in the same genre? If not which one?

Yes, my books are older teen but still mostly teen targeted.

5 Have you always written and what got you started professionally?

Been writing for over a decade but it was all Fanfiction. I had original work, but never showed it to anyone, until 2016.

6 How many books have you published?

As of now, 6, soon to be 7

7 Which one would you like to tell us about?

Unique. She has been in my head for a decade. She went from male to female, high school to college and back and back again. Finally got her down on paper and out of my head.

8 Why did you write this book book and what is it about?

Unique existed for a decade at least in my head and finally got her out. It is about Lindsey Wick, a college co-ed who dies in a car accident. She sees the light, hears the chorus of angels, and then a voice that says it will save her life if she accepts it. She does, becoming Unique, with amazing powers and a terrible curse.

9 Book cover and ISBN/ASIN 978-1549691102 / 1549691104

Unique by Seth Quillet

10 What would you like your next book to be on?

It is a sequal/crossover of the Unique and Monster series. Technically, it is the third book in the Monster series, and a 1.5 in the Unique series. Uniques will be the sequel to Unqiue

11 If you could go anywhere in the universe, where would you go and why?

Universe? Nearest planet with friendly advanced life that can contact us. That way we can connect, advance Earth, and help Man expand into space.

12 Is there anything you can share about yourself or your work that not many people know?

That at first, my books weren’t connected. Innocent Monster was in its own world. Then I got the idea to have Unique and Guilty Monster take place at same time and have the bigger actions in both be mentioned. This also led to the main character in Act of Silence being mentioned in Guilty Monster and Unique Monster. Showing that all of these things are happening leaving you to wonder what else is going on in the world?

13 What is your favourite foreign food?

Love Yaki Udon Noodles with beef. One Sushi place near here has the best and always order it when there with a friend.

14 Are you, or have you ever been a terrorist?

I’m sure my parents felt like I terrorized them when I was a toddler running around but nothing recently.

15 Have you ever accidentally called your spose/partner by the name of a character in your latest book and if so what was his or her reaction?

If I had one… I don’t think I would. Hope not.

16 How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could Chuck Norris?

All of it.

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