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August, My Favourite Month

August, My Favourite Month
August, My Favourite Month

August, My Favourite Month.

I don’t have any specific subject to talk about today, so this piece will be a ramble, as I sit in my favourite local shop enjoying a beer. August has always been my favourite month – my birthday and school holidays probably started that off. In fact, when my mother was alive, we had three birthdays in August my youngest brother’s on the 7th, mine on the 14th and Mum’s on the 22nd with August Bank Holiday the following weekend. Later, my father remarried and we acquired a little sister who was born on August 1st, so there was a party every week. In my twenties and thirties, I used to try to take the whole month off, because I also had friends with birthdays then too.

These days, living in Thailand, two members of my new family, who all live within twenty metres of us, were also born in August, but it is not the same, is it? Not when you’re old and retired. Nevertheless, August is still my favourite month, and I don’t like to see it give way to September.

August is also a lovely time to come to Thailand, if you are planning a holiday for next year. It is hot during the day time, but it usually rains a little at dusk which reduces the temperature to make the evenings and nights more comfortable. By the way, don’t make the mistake of thinking that rain is something to sigh at. I have been under many bathroom showers in Europe that produce a colder flow of water than Thai clouds. Thai rain is never cold, except possibly in the far north or in the mountains, but definitely not on the coast.

Kids are back in school in August in Thailand, which makes certain attractions less noisy, especially the beaches. In fact, August is considered low season, so hotels are even more reasonably priced, and flights are cheaper, but all the amenities you’d expect to find in a premium holiday destination are open.

Yes, August is still my favourite month although for different reasons these days than fifty years ago.

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