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A Night In Annwn Audiobook

Night In Annwn Audiobook

A Night In Annwn Audiobook It has taken me most of this year so far to get my first audiobook – A Night In Annwn – read as an audiobook, but the process is now complete and you can listen to the first fifteen minutes below free of charge. It does take quite a long …

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A Night in Annwn - a book or story?

When a Book Costs Less Than a Drink…

When a Book Costs Less Than a Drink… I will admit it straight from the off! I am a writer with an axe to grind and I cannot understand people who complain that books are too expensive. Most books, in the form of ebooks, cost less than the price of a drink! My ebooks cost …

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Megan’s Free Audiobook Club

Megan’s Free Audiobook Club Have you caught the recent bug for audiobooks? Or is it audio books? The trend is so new that the jury is still out on the nomenclature, but I am going to use ‘audiobooks’ until it becomes ridiculous to continue to do so. Enter Megan’s Free Audiobook Club! Anyway, I didn’t even …

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