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If you are a writer, you want your book to be available to as many people as possible, right? Of course you do! Otherwise, what is the point of writing in the first place?

Personal satisfaction?

I don’t buy it.

Sure, there is a lot of satisfaction to be gained from writing alone, but

there is a great deal more in knowing that thousands or tens of thousands are reading your book – whether they agree with you / like it or not. Those authors who say that they do not seek a wider readership are often shy, insecure, don’t know how to go about spreading the word or don’t have the time.

Usually, but there can be one more reason: they are not allowed to by their government or peers.

So, what is your potential reach? How many people could read your book, if you could reach them all?

British people, Americans who speak English, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders and a few more? How many is that? 300 million?

Sure, we would all be over the moon with sales figures like that, but not all those people are readers and only a minuscule percentage of them will even see your advert.

So, what is the answer?

Consider this, there are five times that number living in India alone and more people worldwide speak Spanish than English.

Need I go on?

Ok, what about the French and German readers?

And here is something that you may not have thought about: what about those who cannot read, cannot see well,  the blind or don’t have the time to read, like busy mothers, and taxi or long-distance drivers?

See how many potential customers you are denying the pleasure of your book?

What if you could apply that minuscule percentage of reach we talked about to this far larger number? Wouldn’t that increase your readership / sales figures?

OK, so we agree on that, or if you don’t, then start reading this article again please, you’ve missed something 🙂

The next thing to figure out is, how to achieve this extra reach.

International Coverage and a Brand-new Audience for Your Books

Well, if you know where to go, have the patience and the time, and live in ‘unrestricted countries’ with the correct prerequisites, then you can do it yourself.

However, you may not create audiobooks with Amazon unless you live in ‘the US, UK, Canada or Ireland, and have a postal address, TIN (tax payer id) and banking details in those countries’.

That excludes many expats and most antipodeans.

So, I am offering Megan Publishing Services as an Audiobook Agency and myself as your agent.

I can offer you translating facilities into fifteen languages and conversation into an audiobook.

My qualifications are:

1) I am the author of fifty-odd novels (see

2) I have seventy-seven books being translated into fourteen languages

3) I have twenty-three novels being narrated into audiobooks

4) I am a British citizen residing in the UK

So, what do you reckon, are you ready to reach for the stars?

Or, if not, at least for the rest of the world?

If so, please contact me using the form on the title bar and I’ll give you the nitty-gritty.

I promise that it will surprise you and I will offer you a deal if you link this package with the Ultimate Set-and-Forget Promo Pack



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