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Daddy's Hobby - vol 1 Behind The Smile

April 5th 2016

April 5th 2016
April 5th 2016

April 5th, 2016

April 5th is important to many people in the UK because it is the start of the new tax year. I and millions of other Brits had to devote hours this week every year in order to get our taxes out of the way.

Then I moved here to Thailand and that all stopped for me, because I was not earning in the UK or resident there. To be honest, I wasn’t earning much anywhere, but I had assets and the cost of living in rural Thailand is low compared with Thai cities and especially the West, although it is rising quickly and has been for a few years.

This week of April 5th is important to Thais in general, because it will be Songkhran in nine days and people have already started to come back for the Thais’ favourite annual festival, the old New Year (before they fell into line with the West and adopted January 1st). I have greeted four Thais returning from abroad already today.

It is the best time of the year to be in Thailand without a shadow of a doubt.

Then there is my on personal reason for liking today. On the night of the 4th April, four years ago, I sent the manuscript of my first novel to Kindle and CreateSpace and told my family.

It was Daddy’s Hobby, the first in the series Behind The Smile and it had taken me five years of anguish and self-doubt to write. It was approved the next day; I ordered five copies and so did a few others – my family, presumably.

It was a very happy day for me and the beginning of a new career.

Funny old life, isn’t it?

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