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Alien House – Is There One Near You?

Alien House - Is There One Near You?
Alien House

Is there an Alien House near you? How could you find out whether you have extraterrestrial  spacemen for neighbours? People tend to fall into two camps. Some are quite worried about having visitors from Outer Space, and others relish the idea of meeting extraterrestrials. It is presumed that, if there are extraterrestrial spacemen (and spacewomen) living here on Earth, then they must be living in an off-worlder abode… hidden in full view.

Sightings of Alien Neighbours.

People report having seen visitors from Outer Space in hundreds of places around the world. Many of these are genuine reports from people who are convinced that they have experienced real extraterrestrial contact. However, there are many reported sightings that are obviously just hoaxes too. Still, people have reported seeing strange lights in the sky, and even hearing sounds that they believe could only have come from ET ‘s or their UFO’s.

Check with local law enforcement agencies.

This might sound daft, but if you think you might have seen aliens or something unusual, contact your local police station. They will, or might (depending on your luck), investigate the situation and get back to you. However, if you feel that you have discovered ET neighbours, then you might be better off contacting the government, or plain-clothes police officers. 

It is unlikely that you have discovered an off-worlders’ dwelling just because it looks dilapidated, old, abandoned or unused. Equally, I doubt that aliens would want to draw attention to themselves. For example, by employing overly futuristic designs built into the architecture of their homes. I’m sure that if ET’s are living on Earth in an extraterrestrial abode, then it will appear quite normal. On the other hand, it may be large enough to have substantial grounds for landing their craft in. An old mansion or colonial house in the country, for example. Somewhere off the beaten track, perhaps shielded from casual view by natural woods or hills.

Call your local news station.

If you fancy becoming a local celebrity (or thought of as a nutter), you could report that you think you saw something strange in your neighbourhood to your local radio station. They might investigate and report back to you. You could also try to corroborate your suspicions online or by talking to local residents.

Alien House – a fantasy novel.

Welsh writer, Owen Jones, has written a fantasy novel about just such a dwelling. He has sited it not far outside his home town of Barry, South Wales. In the story, Michael, the central character, believes that he might be going mad, when his Alter Ego, Ralph, tries to persuade him that his new-found friends are spacemen and spacewomen, who live only a few miles away in an alien house. Eventually, his innermost thoughts worry him so much that he asks them outright.

If you want to find out what happens next in this fantasy novel by Owen Jones, please click this link:

Alien House –

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