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Advertising on Megan Publishing Services

Advertising on Megan Publishing Services
Advertising on Megan Publishing Services

Advertising on Megan Publishing Services

From it’s very inception, Megan Publishing Services has gone from strength to strength. I created it in August 2013 as a vehicle for publishing and publicising my own books, as I am an author as well.

The site now receives more than 120,000 pageviews a month (up from 80k), from more than 6,000 (up 50%) unique visitors a month, who produce 36,000 visits, which last on average for more than eight minutes each (up from six).

These are pretty good stats, for those who don’t know, and for you sceptics, I can prove them any time you like.

So, I have decided to open the advertising spots up to other authors and artists of all persuasions, all of whom, and the people who like to follow artists and authors, are the target audience of Megan Publishing Services.

I have various options for sculptors, writers, artists, musicians and painters, see the details on SWAMP, which are explained in more detail on the web site here

Banner Ads are also available (follow the link), however, in brief, I can tell you this much:

I currently have banner slots of six sizes: 468×60, 468×15, 160×600, 300×250, 336×280, and 125×125 pixels. There is only one of each of these slots except the 125×125, of which there are six. I can also make custom slots

Most of these appear on every page, but some only appear on posts and not on pages, and vice-versa.

There is also a ‘Book Shop’ where you can post your own advert, which will go into the database to be shown at random on all pages. The cost is $4.99 a month. click this link:

Since these are very early days in this scheme, I will start by allowing you to bid what you think the slot is worth. Prices will be per month, with no contract unless you ask for it. Without a contract, you could be outbid for the following month.

To see the ads in situ, please look around this page and click through to the home page in the banner at the top.

Lastly, stats for May 2018 are:

9,818 unique visitors, creating 41,397 visits and 221,315 pageviews, so the average visit lasts for 4.2 pages; 128,372 pages were viewed in America and 76,558 the other top seven countries (UK, France, Slovakia, Russia,  Germany, Ukraine and Canada).

Google crawled the site 22,671 times and Bing 28,445 in the month, so your book or artwork will be noticed. The average visit by a human lasted 7 minutes 22 seconds.

Banner Ad Prices

Book Shop Ads

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PS: if you are not able to produce your own banner, I can make something for you, but I will have to charge. Just ask, that much is free 🙂

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