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Banner Ad Prices on Megan Publishing Services

Advertising on Megan Publishing Services

Banner Ads

These banners are not the correct size, please check the website for real examples. All dimensions are in pixels and numbers of ads refers to how many of each there are. Note that availability is strictly limited, usually only one of each type for the whole blog of 2,000 pages!

Please pay at the bottom of the page. Monthly billing will auto-renew until you stop it to prevent your losing your ad spot unwittingly. If the banner you want is not available, you will be informed, not charged, and you will be redirected to a page where you can leave your name in a queue.

468x60 banner



468×60: one on the website, top right on every page

[wpeppsub id=”8822″ align=”left”]













336×280: one on the website, dead centre, above the fold on every page

[wpeppsub id=”8824″ align=”left”]














280×250: one on the website, top right column on every page

[wpeppsub id=”8826″ align=”left”]




Behind The Smile








125×125: six on the website, centre right column on every page

[wpeppsub id=”8829″ align=”left”]





468×15: one on the website, on most pages at the bottom of the centre column

[wpeppsub id=”8831″ align=”left”]




160x600 skycraper ad











160×600: one on the website, bottom left column on every page

[wpeppsub id=”8832″ align=”left”]







Random ads from the bookshop: unlimited ads can be placed, but about five books are chosen at random per web page visited. These ads can only be bought by placing an ad in the bookshop, for which you get a full page on the web site with an image and a description. These ads cost $4.99 for 30 days, but there are other longer plans as well. Read more here…



The other banner ads can be bid for on a monthly basis, or by mutual agreement for a longer term. If you see a banner ad like one of the place-holders above, you can make me an offer. Otherwise, just bid for the slot you want, or ask, and I’ll let you know when that banner becomes available.

Where a place-holder banner ad mentions a specific art form, that does not mean that it is exclusively for that type of art. Please note that not all banner ads are on all pages, you need to check this out for yourself. For example, some banner ads appear only on web pages, whereas others appear only on website posts, however most banner ads appear on all pages.

As a general rule, your bid is unlikely to be successful, if it is for less than $15 a month.

Please contact me on:

or use the PayPal buttons on this page. The prices are suggested guidelines.

Please LIKE and SHARE this page using the buttons below. Thanks



PS: there are no refunds and unsuitable ads will be rejected. If you need a banner ad created, I can make basic images for a fee, or you could try Fiverr.

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