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A Lovely ‘Ole

A Lovely 'Ole
A Lovely ‘Ole

A Lovely ‘Ole

I am a man, and so some people are going to find this article smutty. I admit that I understand why, but not that I am playing on it. It is just that people of all types find a lovely ‘ole fascinating.

They have dug a good hole across the road from the shop I drink in and it has been a source of fascination all evening. They are creating a garage and we assume, or at least I do, that the hole is to accommodate the petrol tanks.

Over the last five hours, I have counted seventy-five people staring into and discussing this large hole.

Now, I understand men’s fascination with holes. I used to work in the construction industry and often witnessed men and boys staring into a new hole. Not so many women though.

However, in this Thai farming village, the women are every bit as practical as the men, and they gathered to peer into the hole in equal numbers.

It was amusing to watch a five-year-old girl that I know looking into this hole with her parents and a dozen others. I imagined her trying to imagine what her elders found so fascinating in a boring old ‘ole.

Anyway, they poured concrete into this lovely ‘ole, which brought back twenty-year-old memories of working with my brothers, whom I no longer see.

The dirty-minded may instantly perceive a link with my next piece, but again, it is not intended.

Our granddaughter, Gail, said to my wife today: “I can see grand-dad’s bum!”

She could not, but my long baggy shorts were being blown about by the fan as it is 40c here now.

My wife looked over and could only see my thigh. So, it was only a joke, right?

I believe that it was, but do you know how old the girl is?

Eighteen months!

Now, I am not saying that she is clever or anything like that. I have not lived with a baby since my youngest brother fifty-two years ago.

I had no idea that kids that young were capable of making jokes!

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