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Sales magnets…

My recent foray into creating 3D book covers has been an outstanding success, so this is just a quick update, and a pat on my back 🙂

My colleague and father, Owen Jones, has been so astounded by his new artwork that he has said, to quote: ” I have admitted elsewhere on this blog to having been distracted by short-term gains and destroying the foundations of my business. “One of the casualties, perhaps the most serious, has been my failure to keep up with modern trends in book covers, because people do judge a book by its cover! Just as the owner of a clothes shop would not dress the mannequins in the window only once in ten years, neither should an author set and forget his or her book covers.

“Chalita has opened my eyes to this, and it is now all too obvious. She has dragged my book covers from the Stone Age to the 22nd Century in just two days, and me along with them!”

OK, he is my Dad, but I agree with him 🙂

3D Book Covers

He used to promote using his 2D book covers, well-designed though they were, and leave it at that.

The problem is, that that was good enough a couple of years ago, but it definitely is not now.

Nowadays, an author needs a 3D cover as an absolute minimum. Even better is a composite of the cover in several formats, and best of all…. that composite should be part of a collage, which we are calling a Sales Magnet Card (after the Twitter cards), or a Sales Magnet Flier.

If you don’t know what I am taking about, then you are out of touch too, but look at the image at the top of this post for an example.

However, if you would like me to help you display your book covers to their full potential in a Sales Magnet Card, please get in touch via the form in the top menu bar (CONTACT US) or leave a comment below.

Best wishes,


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