Zig-Zag Bar, Fuengirola

Zig-Zag Bar, Fuengirola

Zig-Zag Bar – Fuengirola

The Zig-Zag Bar is in the street opposite the bus station in Fuengirola, fifty metres from the beach road, just a little further down from the Bar In The Sun, estate agency. It is run by Mike, a Swede, and Rose, a Filipina.

To call the  Zig-Zag just a bar actually does it an injustice as Rose is an excellent cook and most people go there to eat and meet rather than just drink. We have been there many times and the clientele seems to be mostly Scandinavian and Welsh. It seems an odd mix, but at least two of the most frequent regulars are Welsh, besides me, and the rest are from Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The food is more central European, as opposed to northern or Filipino and is gorgeous. My Thai wife is fond of the fried Salmon Steaks and Chips – all the chips are fat, hand cut and fried to perfection. A friend is particularly fond of the Meatballs and New Potatoes.

The food and drink are plenty good enough reasons to go to the Zig-Zag Bar, but the reason that we keep going back is because of the staff. Rose and Mike have been extremely kind and  helpful to us, especially in the matter of applying for Neem’s residency papers, whi h she got, and when we locked ourselves out of our apartment with no coats and very little money. We had to wait nine hours to get back in and it was blowing a gale outside.

Anyway, if you are in Fuengirola at any time, it is well worth paying the Zig-Zag Bar a visit.

The Zig-Zag Bar is open from nine a.m. until late, but closed all day Tuesday. Perhaps we’ll see you there!

Zig-Zag Bar, Calle Jacinto Benavente, Fuengirola