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Visa Renewal

I woke up with a funny feeling about my visa this morning and when I checked, it has to be renewed on August 14th. Actually, it’s not the visa itself that requires renewal, it’s what we call our Ninety Days. You have to tell the police where you are living every ninety days.

Since the Immigration Police likes to have postal applications for visa renewal a week early and it takes three days to get there, tomorrow is the deadline. So that was pretty lucky. The police can be lenient, but they tend to take mistakes with visas very seriously, and it’s better not to get a bad reputation.

I have been recycling articles from the web sites I didn’t renew last month. There is a rich source of articles, probably about two hundred at five to six hundred words each on perhaps two dozen subjects. Once I’ve taken what I want, I can use the rest to create new PLR ebooks. They will be unused so well-worth having on any relevant web site.

If you want first pick, join our free newsletter in the top left-hand corner of this web page and I’ll post a message when they become available, probably later on this week.

If you promote stuff online, earlier this week I recommended a Retweet Group, but I can’t find the post anywhere, so I’m giving it again. It is Bridgitte’s T4US here. It’s free and Bridgitte and her team are innovative and hard-working. You should see your sales increase.

Well, that’s me just about finished for now. I’ve nearly emptied my second bottle of Archa beer and it’s time to go back to do some more article-recycling, Oh, and fill out my ninety-days visa renewal application form so that someone can take it to the post office in town tomorrow before I forget.

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