SocialJukebox - The Professional Tweet Rotator

SocialJukebox – The Professional Tweet Rotator

SocialJukebox – The Professional Tweet Rotator

SpcialJukebox was recommended to me by a good friend, who is in the same profession as I am. We are both prolific writers, with other business interests, who have a lot of people we want to keep in touch with and a lot of niches that must be kept separate and distinct.

For example, I have readers, with whom I like to keep in touch; likewise with fellow writers. Then there are beginner-authors, whom I help, and authors whose books I promote, etc, etc.

SocialJukebox allows me to separate all these niches out and also allows me to use up to three Twitter accounts. Having several Twitter accounts is a definite advantage, but that is outside the scope of this article.

Basically, there are two types of SocialJukebox: the free, or trial account and the paid-for or professional) one. The free account is actually permanently free, but it is severely hamstrung, whereas there are three levels of pro account.

I use the cheapest of those and pay annually, which saves me a certain percentage of the monthly fee. It stores up to 5,000 Tweets and allows their usage over three Twitter accounts.

I found SocialJukebox very easy to set up and maintain, although Twitter has been gradually interfering more and more, imposing more and more rules on companies that provide automated Twitter services.

However, that is also comforting, in a way, because it means you know that you are not jeopardising your Twitter accounts, because ScialJukebox is operating with their consent and within their rules.

In my regimen, I send out personal and promotional Tweets every day, but, as you know, sometimes things crop up unexpectedly and I cannot spend much time at my desk. In these circumstances, SocialJukebox continues to post my routine Tweets plus any that I have pre-programmed to go out on a certain day.

I find that SocialJukebox saves me time and ensures that essential, routine tasks are performed even when I don’t have time to do it myself. Not only that, but SocialJukebox is never down – it is working every minute of every day.

It seems like the CEO of SocialJukebox is too, because Tim is always there to answer questions be they complicated or simple. Not only that, but he is full of advice on how to use Twitter and SocialJukebox to their fullest potential. He also provides personal heads-up when Twitter changes its rules to help you avoid losing your account.

Try it using the link below, you won’t regret it, I guarantee you:


Social Jukebox - free trial

SocialJukebox – free trial

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