The concrete boys were back today and surprised me yet again. Instead of just laying storm-water drainage, they are resurfacing the road (lane) to a depth of five or six inches with reinforced concrete. Now that’s what I call progress since no more than five residents own cars.

It just goes to support the idea that Thailand has borrowed a shed-load of money (from China?) and is trying to spend its way out of an (impending?) recession. I don’t know, like I said the other day, but it seems that way to me.

Still progress is progress, and it may ease flooding in our lane for decades (the concrete certainly won’t be worn away any time soon).

I am also making progress with my books. I have edited and re-edited that new book, which i eventually called ‘Andropov’s Cuckoo’, I am happy with that now, so I have started to submit another, a book I wrote in 2014, called ‘The Disallowed’. It was meant to be a gruesome vampire horror story, but I didn’t have it in me and it came out humorous.

I started reading and re-editing that yesterday, because I couldn’t get out, and made sufficient progress to be able to submit it to a couple of agents looking for comedy today (agents generally only want to see the first three chapters to decide if they might be interested in the book).

So, that’s more progress. It takes them four to twelve weeks to say yea or nay, and I will have it re-edited by Wednesday, then on with the next. I’ll do them all before I start anything new – probably. I do so prefer writing to what necessarily has to follow it, if you are an indie publisher.

However, I already have seven stand-alone books or series, with thirty books in the series, so any progress selling them could make a huge difference to my circumstances.

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