Pizzeria La Perla

Pizzeria La Perla

Pizzeria La Perla

Last night, while walking home, we decided to try the pizzeria located on Calle Salvador Rodriguez Navas, which is about a hundred metres from our apartment in Fuengirola. For those who don’t know the area well, it is almost opposite the local police station.

We had been wondering about the place for a few weeks, but at that moment, the time was right, so we went in. The most obvious thing about Pizzeria La Perla is that it is a tiny establishment. There is not room for more than four people between the counter and the pavement and the chef is a metre the other side. When we were there, it was a young woman, and everything that she does is in full view from rolling out the dough and putting on the toppings to baking it.

It is run and, I presume, owned by Moroccans, but the unusual thing for me was that they all spoke English. When I spent time in Morocco forty years ago, no-one did!

Anyway, I got talking to the manager/owner, Salam, and found him to be very friendly, as were the chef and the delivery staff. We talked about Saidia, a place that I had spent some time in and where he came from.

There is a wide choice of toppings, but we chose the Mexican, because my Thai wife misses hot food. Salam pointed out that each of the fifteen set pizzas comes with a complementary drink, and my wife chose Coke Cola. I must emphasise that they made my wife feel very welcome; something that I appreciate because she is gregarious and we have no friends here yet.

Anyway, we walked the three minutes home and ate the pizza. It was on a par with any pizza I have ever had, and I was sent to get another one. This time I chose a Marinara and a tin of beer to drink while we chatted as the food was cooking. It was ready before I had half-finished the tin!

We will be using the Pizzeria La Perla much more often in the future and I recommend it to anyone who lives or is staying in Fuengirola.

I want to make it clear, that I have written this review of xxx without payment or consent from Salam or anyone else at the Pizzeria La Perla. Contact details are below:

Tel: 951 07 55 71

Please tell them that you saw this article.