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Padthaiwok, Fuengirola – Review

My Thai wife and I were walking down the road opposite the bus station in Fuengirola towards the beach, when we came across the Padthaiwok. We had only been in Spain for ten days, and my wife was feeling homesick, so I suggested that we go in and sample their wares.
Neem, my wife chose fried noodles with prawns and chicken, which I thought was unusual for her, so I asked why.
“There is no pork,” she replied.
I checked and she was right, so I asked the waiter if they were Muslim.
“No,” he replied, “the chef is Thai”.
However, that is not the whole truth. The menu proclaims that it is Halal. However, it also calls itself a ‘noodles bar’, but they serve a lot more than just noodles, including spring rolls, salads, starters, rice, specialities, curries, soups, desserts and Thai beers, such as Chang and Singha beers.
So, I told him that my wife was also Thai, we placed our order and waited, but not long, because the chef came out to meet Neem.
I had lived in Thailand for thirteen years until arriving here in Fuengirola, but I still find it difficult to judge some Asians’ ages. Let’s say that he was fifty-odd.
I asked where he came from in Thai (which is not good), and he replied Bangkok in Thai. I was chuffed that he had understood me!
The meal was good, according to my wife, and she is a very good cook herself, so that is praise indeed.
I tasted it and was not so impressed because it was bland to me. I pointed that out to Neem, but she said that she had asked for the meal ‘not to be hot’, which I found unusual, because she can eat ‘mouse shit’ chillis (the very small ones – ten times hotter than Jalapenos), like I eat peanuts – raw too!
I would say that the food has been altered to suit the market here, but it is very popular, as the full tables testify to every time we walk past the restaurant.
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Podcast: Padthaiwok Restaurant, Fuengirola Review