Missed Flights

Missed Flights

Well, we were supposed to be flying out of Bangkok this morning, but I misread the times on the booking print-out. In actual fact, we were there in plenty of time, but we went for a coffee with the members of the family who went to see us off and then walked two or three hundred yards back to where we were told we had to check in, but had to walk the same distance back the other way once through passport control to get to very roughly where we had to be in the Departure Lounge.

I checked the departures monitor and knew instantly that something was wrong. Our flight was in red – Last Call.

Gate E7 was five to six hundred yards away and I can’t run anymore. Anyway, a man with a walkie-talkie approached my wife and made a call. He had been looking for us. I heard a last call for Owen and Pranom Jones over the Tannoy.

We hurried along and the man kept talking into his portable.

A hundred yards from the final desk, we were told that the flight had gone, but that we could get on the same flight the next day for an extra £200

Completely cheesed off (with myself), I jumped at the offer. The same man led us back through emigration and reversed the cancellation of my visa etc, etc. He also took us back to check-in, where two men were waiting to take us to our bags. We decided to leave them in Left Luggage and the accompanied us there.

I was very pleased with the service we received, but now, two hours later, sitting in a bar, it seems that it all went off too pat. I suppose they have to deal with this sort of situation every day, but what is nagging at me, is the fact that that guy was on his walkie-talkie when we were given the first ‘last call’. He was also there for the second one, so why didn’t they wait for us or why didn’t they tell us we were too late?

After all, they had to retrieve our baggage from the plane, or would it not have been loaded until we were on board?
When do stand-by seats become available? Were there already people sitting in our seats as we were hurrying towards the Departure Gate?

It cost me a surcharge of 25% to fly out the next day, and I would not have been surprised to have to pay the full fare again, but…

It’s that security guy with the walkie-talkie that bothers me. If he worked for the airline, how come he had so much influence with the Thai Immigration Police, and if he was working for the police, how did he know so much about the airline’s seating arrangements for the next day?

Does any of this make any sense to anyone reading this? If so, please enlighten me.

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