Merit or Tamboon in Thai

Merit or Tamboon in Thai

Today is a Day of Merit, or Tamboon in Thai, for our village. I don’t know how many they hold per annum, but I’m sure it’s more than one. The day before yesterday, it was the turn of the village across the road, literally four metres, from us.

It starts with a large group of men and youths going around the houses tying string from each roof top to the next until all the dwellings are physically connected.

On the second day of Merit, people hold parties and go to the temple to pray for a better life (Good Luck) for everyone in the village. This way, even those who cannot get out will get ‘a feed’ from the tamboon generated.

So, we started the same process of shared Merit yesterday and tomorrow, the two villages will be connected with string to show their friendship and solidarity.

It’s a nice idea, eh?

As many of you will know, I am compiling a book called ‘Asian Shorts’. It will have short stories with Asia or Asians as central characters. As of today, it is 25% full, so if you want to submit an entry, free of charge, first read the one or two rules under ‘Asian Shorts’ in the header and please do so.

Those of you who have read the series ‘Behind The Smile’ might remember the ribbing I got because my coconut tree only had one nut. Well, I am pleased to announce that this year, it has nineteen and no-one is laughing any more.

The election largely passed me by, but it’s not the same now that the BBC can’t follow it live – at least it wasn’t on Radio Four. I have just come out for a beer and to write this to you and not a single person I have asked knew that an election was being held in the UK and cared even less, if that’s possible.

One thing is for certain though, it has shaken the major parties except the Tories. Top brass were falling right, left a d centre, but Cameron is too smooth and too wealthy for me, I don’t trust him one inch. It’s just a crying shame that there was no viable alternative, which is madness, since all the parties knew years ago how long they had to prepare for yesterday.

The saying ‘ We live and learn!’ is just not true often enough.

All the best,

+Owen Jones

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