A Lonely Night in Fuengirola

A Lonely Night in Fuengirola

I wasn’t happy that night – an argument with the wife, or possibly a misunderstanding… she is Thai, I am Welsh and I know for certain that we still don’t fully understand one another, even after fifteen years.

So, I went for a walk around the town where I live, Fuengirola.

My first encounter was with a young man and his female companion blocking the pavement. They were asking an Indian shopkeeper directions and he was struggling to explain in English.

“Can I help?” I offered.

“No, fuck off! We don’t need any help”, came the reply in a broad Irish accent proving that he was a liar as well as rude and ignorant. The woman looked at me apologetically, and I walked on by.

Musing on that experience, I called into Geordie’s new bar (he is a friend I have mentioned before – Coast to Coast) under Las Rampas. As I sat there, I watched people playing pool.

And this is amazing to me… a man broke and went in off. His opponent pointed at the black and proceded to put his seven balls and the black down ON A FULL TABLE in two or three minutes.

I was astounded! It was the best pool-playing I had ever seen in my forty-five years of hanging around bars.

Anyway, a younger man challenged him after about ten minutes, and, God’s honest truth, made him look like a novice! He had five balls left on the table at the end of the game!

A little while later, I got talking to a bloke, and he said that a lot of the Spanish international pool team meet there to practice…

So, if you like pool, call into Geordie’s and maybe you too will be lucky enough to see something like I did.

I watched every game untill kick-out, and then started walking home. It was around midnight.

The walk home was not uneventful, it is nice to be offered the company of pretty, young ladies, although I declined, and arrived home in a far better disposition than I had left.

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