Link Upgrades

Link Upgrades

I started my link upgrades last night, but I’ll come back to that later. Two other things happened as well: I closed my Aweber account and I got kicked out of a writers’ group. The first is an autoresponder for sending out messages at regular intervals, say to a list of people who want to hear from you, and the second is a writers’ self-help group. It’s no good my telling you why they got rid of me… but, who cares? I  will anyway.

They will probably say I was belligerent, I would say i was only sticking up for myself. There are some huge egos in the management there that can’t take any criticism. I fell out with one because he banned my Megan Series from their specialist Paranormal Group. The Megan Series is twenty-one novellas is about the psychic development of a young teenage girl, but he says that that has nothing to do with the paranormal.

I found that odd

Another time, a woman, who was also involved with the paranormal episode, became very irate because I challenged her claim that it was Twitter policy to allow only three hashtags in a Tweet. The next day, she sent out a plea: ‘Please don’t argue with Admin, even if we’re wrong, because we work ever so hard!’

I could go on, but there’s no point.

I feel sorry for the guy who set it up, because he seems a really nice guy, but his club has been hijacked.

Karma will sort us all out in the end.

It’s probably a good thing, I was only using the retweet group and this will force me to look for alternative and hopefully more effective ways of advertising my books.

I made a start on my Amazon ads, my link upgrades, too last night as I was saying above. It took me an hour to do five, but I will be able to recycle those for use on other pages and I have used Smarturls, which will send the customer to his ‘own’ branch of Amazon.

This has the advantage that I should get paid my full percentage instead of half if the order goes to the wrong franchise. Using Smarturls also means that I can see which of my links is being clicked, which Amazon says it is unable to tell you, because it doesn’t know!

That’s odd too, eh? I can know which of my links is being clicked, but multi-billion dollar Amazon cannot?

Anyway, so when I’ve finished, my system will be smarter, more informative and possibly more profitable, but it could be August before I’m done.

You can see how it will look as opposed to the standard Amazon links here:

My Link Upgrades

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