I am just getting started with this new blog and so beginning to learn how to set up this template. It is fairly new to me, but it seems straight forward..

Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of time to devote to this task at the moment as I want to publish two books before the end of July, which gives me four days – not long at all.

One will be the final book in the trilogy called ‘Behind The Smile – the Story of Lek, a Bar Girl in Pattaya’ and the other is ‘Megan’s Thirteenth’ in the Megan Series, so I will be posting more about that later.

Sunday 28th July, Afternoon: I have spent the last hour adding a few plugins to my WP template and activating them. One was Facebook another Tweets old post (not that I have any yet) and another has added links to some of my books.

Back to proofreading Lek3, ‘Maya – Illusion’ – 18,000 words to go 🙂

SUNDAY evening: I have finished rereading ‘Maya – Illusion’ and am ready to publish on CreateSpace and Kindle!

This is always an exciting moment fot me. I love to see the books on line and them become available a few days later 🙂

I published on CreateSpace, but I had already done a lot of preparatory work last week. The cover and the blurb had already been written and the author bio was the same as before.

Then I did the same for Kindle, but Kindle reported errors using basically the same file that I had used for CS!

It seems that the conversion from OpenOffice to Word had created about 30 duplicate words! (Or that OpenOffice had not picked them up, but I doubt that very much!).

I may have to redo the CS edition. In fact, I had better be getting started on that right away, but Kindle is all right!

‘Megan’s Thirteenth’ is now available on Amazon, Lulu and Xinxii. 🙂

Getting Started? Get Help!

If you want help getting started with the publishing or the preparation of your files, please let me know.


PS: If you want help getting started on bringing your book out into the light, leave a message in a comment box – they are all regulated by me bore publication anyway.