Books in Hindi - हिंदी में पुस्तकें

Books in Hindi – हिंदी में पुस्तकें

Books in Hindi – हिंदी में पुस्तकें

As you may know from my bookshop, I have written fifty-odd novels, but they are all in English. However, I am having them translated into various languages, and this page will contain a list of all of my books in Hindi.

In the beginning, there will not be many, but you will see the number of translations increasing gradually. Therefore, please keep returning to find out what has happened. If you have a particular preference as to which should be next, just let me know and I will do my best.

However, the list below is of those already available on several platforms or currently being translated. When the book titles becomes links, clicking them will take you to the pages containing more details of the books in Hindi.

So, to begin the list of books in Hindi:

हिंदी में पुस्तकें

कैसे अपने कुत्ते को एक असली कुत्ते का जीवन दें और इसके लिए उसे आपका शुक्रगुज़ार होने दें

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