Fair of the Peoples

Fair of the Peoples – Fuengirola 2017

We went to the 2017 Fair of the Peoples in Fuengirola yesterday just hours after it opened. It was already quite busy, as the photo shows, despite it being Thursday afternoon, during the Siesta time.

The idea of the Fair of the Peoples is to shine a spotlight on the peoples of the various countries of the world and showcase their different cultures and cuisines.

Of course, not every country was represented, but dozens were. I am Welsh – British – so I naturally looked out for our ‘bar’, but there was nothing for Wales, Scotland or England or even the UK. Ireland did have a large representation though. I was later told that the Fuengirola council wanted 10,000 Euros for a UK bar, and no-one was prepared to pay it.

Neem in the Thai bar Fair of the People 2017

My wife is Thai, and there was a Thai bar. When I say ‘bar’, I mean a small, four-walled building with a roof, which houses a bar, a kitchen, a shop and a dance floor. The countries put on various typical cultural events inside, which are free to enter. There was authentic Thai food and bottled Thai beer in the Thai bar.

I remember seeing bars for Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Ireland, Mexico, Paraguay and the USA, but there were dozens more. The atmosphere was very up-beat and enthusiastic, reminiscent of carnival.

There was also a fair ground with a large Ferris wheel, dodgems, merry-go-rounds and stalls. Candy Floss, hamburgers and hot dogs abounded!

The weather today, 24-hours after our visit, is dreadful. The worst for months! It hasn’t stopped raining for twenty hours, so that is a real shame. Tomorrow, Saturday, there will be a procession around town, and my wife was asked to help represent Thailand in traditional Thai costume, which one of the other women can provide.

I hope that the weather has cleared up for them by then, although it shouldn’t affect the activities inside the various countries’ bars.

*** Update*** I have just read on the official website for the XXIII rd. Fair of the Peoples that the parade has been cancelled due to a ‘Yellow Rain Alert’.

You can find out more here: http://www.fipfuengirola.com/fip17.htm

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