Groote Halle at the Fair of the Peoples

Fair of the Peoples – Day Four

Update: it rained heavily from Thursday evening until late Saturday night, so we didn’t leave our apartment for two days. This morning, I was aroused from my zombie-like state, induced by my daily advertising routine, by a passing band, so we went outside to see what was ascertaining. It was part of the Dutch contingent of the Fair of the Peoples in Fuengirola, so we followed it up onto the market place where the fair is being held.

It was about a hundred times busier than when we were there on Thursday afternoon!

My wife loves that sort of thing – music of different kinds blaring from every doorway, hundreds of smells of different cuisines, and thousands of people milling around seemingly lost, because most people were in small groups that took three steps forward, two steps backward and then stopped suddenly to debate for five minutes where to go next.

In an effort to give my wife something physical to remember the fair by, I suggested she try a bratwurst from the German site.The bratwurst kiosk was outside the bar, so we took a place at one of the counters. There was about 45 foot of selling counter and it was three-four people deep. There were two guys cooking hundreds of sausages at two six-foot diameter woks or skillets, two others opening boxes of bread rolls and sausages and about four more serving, and still they could not keep up with the demand. It was incredible, but the six or seven-inch bratwurst in eight-inch rolls were such good value at 4€ that they could have doubled their sales team and still not have been able to cope.

We waited fifteen minutes and left – sadly without having come even close to being served.

It was a nightmare for me. I cannot understand how any living beings except swarming insects, pick-pockets or drunken teenage boys can find any pleasure in it.

However, that is my problem, and I wish for my wife’s sake that I was able to enjoy it with her, because she has no-one else here to go with, but it is beyond me. I get angry and stroppy – it is a failing, I know, and I am trying to deal with it.

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Podcast: Fair of the Peoples – Day Four