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Behind The Smile v6: The Dream is up there online, but I didn’t rush the other two out. I am out of the house now, having a pint and writing to you, but when I get back, I will finish the job by putting some advertising up. By the way, for those of you who collect the paperback version of my books, Lek6 will be available from CreateSpace and Amazon tomorrow afternoon (18th Nov). Ebook readers will have to wait until two weeks today.

I think that I will make a habit of putting my books on CreateSpace first from now on.

Yesterday, I was wondering what to do with my novel, Andropov’s Cuckoo. Well, I had a flash of inspiration, I think, but it involves Amazon, so needs to be thought through carefully. They are not my favourite publisher at the moment (because KindleSelect is such a rip-off for writers). However, they still sell more books for me than any, or even all of the other big four combined.

Even CreateSpace sells more books for me a month than XinXii and Kobo combined!

The market is not good though. Much worse than last year and even much worse than the first half of this year, which was showing a lot of promise (for me). It is depressing and somehow, I don’t think that adding three more novels to my inventory this month is going to buy me a better Christmas Holiday.

I still haven’t been able to figure out why the market collapsed so viciously. In May, I think it was, sales fell month on month by thirty percent, and have not stopped diving since. They are over sixty percent down at the moment.

That is quite something, especially when you factor in that the number of books I have to sell has risen by 17% so far this year. In fact, thinking about it, depressing doesn’t cover it at all. I will attempt my monthly analysis tomorrow, but I think that the governments of the world are trying to talk their way out of this recession, since their policies of austerity have failed dismally, and now we’re got to go and waste billions wasting ISIS in revenge for Paris.

Where will it all end, eh? I doubt that anyone has the foggiest notion, but I don’t think that it is going to be where and when most ordinary people would like it to.

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