Couldn’t Help Myself

I Couldn’t Help Myself

There it is, I just couldn’t help myself! A very good friend of mine tried to slow down on his blogging earlier this month, and failed, and I  said that I would take this month off from writing books, and I have failed too.

You see, I published a novel in the first few days of this month, a sequel to ‘Tiger Lily’, and started to compile an anthology of stories on Asian subjects, called ‘Asian Shorts’, but it wasn’t enough in the end. I was getting ratty with my friends and family – a sure sign of withdrawal symptoms – and so I jumped back in.

This new novel is not like any of my others and will probably have to be a stand-alone, but that’s all right. I’m happy with that! I don’t know what I can tell you about it yet, other than that a woman will be the lead character and the action will be International.

Her given name will be Natalya, but she will be known by another, which, due to the nature of the story, I will not reveal just yet.

Contrary to all my other books, which I have self-published, I might try to get an agent/publisher for this one. It will be a new experience, so I look forward to that, though it will mean a delay for my readers. Sorry about that, but I have to try all avenues.

I found out today that my friend died of a heart attack. His first. The ambulance was called, but it got there too late (in Helsinki).

That’s how it goes.

He had finished his job down here, and has set off on another mission God-knows where. Good luck, mate!

May you have as much fun in your next life as you did in this last one.

All the best,


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