Megan Series Competition No 1

Megan Series Competition


The Megan Series Competition No 2


Would you like to be in my next book? Then enter my second competition called The Megan Series Competition No 2, it’s free so why not?


Do you know The Megan Series?

There are quite a few stories in it now about the psychic development of a thirteen-year-old girl.
I thought it would be fun to involve you, the readers of the novellas, in the selection of stories, so I am going to start a competition called The Megan Series Competition No 2.

I would like you to think of a story that you would like Megan to appear in, and send me a photo that best represents that story. It can be on any subject appropriate for a young teenager.
Please look here for previous examples:

Megan Books


The Megan Series Competition No 2 will close on September 30th, 2015, and I will write the story during that month.
Please send your photo or image, not of yourself, but of your favourite scene (in any size or format) and a suggestion for the title to:

My wife’s decision will be final, I will not return any material you send me and you will grant me permission to use said material in my book by sending it to me. You must own the copyright of any image you send me, or your entry will be invalid.

Prizes for The Megan Series Competition No 2

1st Prize: to be a friend of Megan’s in the book and use your photo as a basis for the book cover with attribution
2nd Prize: to make a guest appearance in a chapter in the winner’s story with a mention as a competition winner
3rd Prize: to get a mention in the winner’s story  and in the accreditation

Good Luck, everyone, I am looking forward to hearing from you and writing the story that your photo or image and title suggest.

There are no age restrictions for The Megan Series Competition No 2

All the best,


+Owen Jones