Daisy's Chain

Daisy’s Chain


KindleScout is a subsection of Kindle, which in turn is owned by Amazon, for those who have never heard of it. Amazon publishes paperbacks through CreateSpace and ebooks through Kindle. Well, KindleScout is the talent-seeking arm of Kindle.

Basically, anyone can publish virtually anything through or on Kindle (and by extension, Amazon’s main sites), but KindleScout seeks out the most popular/talented writers and takes them under their wing. Or at least, that is the theory.

It depends whether you equate ‘most popular’ with ‘most talented’.

So, the general public gets a chance to say which books it would like to read and vote for them. It is important to realise the word ‘would’, because none of these books has been published yet. The competition is for a publishing contract, after all.

Therefore, we, the public, vote on the concept, the book cover and the excerpt that Kindle presents to us (provided by the author originally).

So, why does anyone bother?

Well, authors get the chance to showcase their novel on a high-volume website, and a very slim chance of a fairly lucrative publishing contract, and the readers get the chance to select talented authors and change their lives. Furthermore, if the author they have voted for wins a contract, everyone who voted for him or her will receive a free copy of the novel.

Voting in the KindleScout competition is a way for readers to be more actively involved in their hobby of reading.

It is, of course, free and easy to sign up. However, before I give you the link, I would like to mention that I have started to put my unpublished books on KindleScout first. One never knows one’s luck!

My current submission is Daisy’s Chain, a fiction novel about the daughter of an ex-London East-end gangster who lives in Marbella on the Costa del Crime or Costa del Sol.

Naturally, I would like you to vote for my book, but the choice is ultimately yours.

Daisy’s Chain on KindleScout

This competition is over. Daisy’s Chain was not selected, but thanks to all who voted for it 🙂